Linn Kivor Tunboks Hard Disc Source Product

The TUNBOKS is the hard disc source product, the core of the KIVOR system; used to store and playback uncompressed and compressed audio to the highest performance level.

  • Capable of storing up to 1380 hours of uncompressed music data.
  • Serial control protocols available so a variety of interfaces can be used/developed.
  • Fast music access time (< 1 second).
  • Capable of loading audio CDs six times faster than playing time with no reduction in quality.
  • Concurrent access by up to 16 users.
  • Control via two independent RS232 ports as well as ethernet.
  • Music can be loaded to Tunboks via inbuilt CD drive or digital audio input.
  • While loading discs, the Tunboks will automatically connect to the Internet and download Disc Title, Track details, Artist & Music-type and add details to your database, providing total control & ease of use.
  • Internal modem makes possible remote diagnostics and future software upgrades.


Technical Specifications:

Type: Hard disc based music archival and playback system
Power Consumption: 60 Watts
Audio inputs/outputs: KIVOR PCI Musik Machine (maximum x 2)
Storage Capacity: ~250 hours of uncompressed storage as standard (2 x 76 GB drives) Expandable to ~1380 hours of uncompressed storage (11 x 76 GB drives)
Internet Connectivity: Via internal 56K modem to retrieve track information relating to disc

Control: Can send/receive control data over dual RS232 ports
Voltage: 85-130 VAC 180- 264 VAC
Dimensions: H 177mm x W 482mm x D 505mm H 6.97 inches x W 19 inches x D 19.9 inches
Weight: 12-20kg / 2644Ibs
Finishes: Black and silver

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