Linn Kivor Linnk Control Interface

The LINNK is the KIVOR's Knekt Control Interface, handling up to sixteen Knekt remote in/out connections.

  • Enables information acquired from the KIVOR Tunboks to be displayed on the RCU e.g. track name, artist name, personal playlists, etc.
  • Bi-directional communication with the KIVOR Tunboks.
  • Display shows communications activity on any Knekt or RS232 port to aid system debug and testing.
  • Provides up to sixteen users with almost instantaneous and independent access to any stored track, whilst feeding back real-time information about the music being played.


Technical Specifications:

Type: Knekt Control Interface
Power Consumption: 5W approx
Mains Fuse: 85-264 VAC
Connections: KNEKT ‘remote in/out’ (x 16 pairs RCA phono) – one pair per source RS232 port 1 (main) - main communications with KIVOR Tunboks RS232 port 2 (aux) - for software upload
Display: 2 LEDs per source (x 16 sources) showing communications between the KIVOR Linnk and the INTERSEKT 2 LEDs for RS232 port 1 (main) showing communications between the KIVOR Linnk and the KIVOR Tunboks 2 LEDs for RS232 port 2 (aux) showing communications between the KIVOR Linnk and any product connected to the aux port

Dimensions: H 89mm x W 482mm x D 355mm H 3.5 inches x W 19 inches x D 14 inches
Weight: 5kg / 11lbs
Finishes: Black and silver

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