The Linn Knekt Kivor System

Knekt Kivor is a pitch-accurate hard-drive based concurrent archive and retrieval system.
The Kivor is the ultimate source product, capable of storing and playing back up to 1380 hours of (uncompressed) music to the highest performance level and can be concurrently accessed by up to 16 users.

  • The Knekt Kivor system is made up of four separate products for optimum flexibility in any system: Kivor Tunboks Kivor Linnk Kivor PCI Musik Machine Kivor Oktal See specifications below for each individual product.
  • Eliminates quality problems associated with conventional CD changers or hard-disc storage systems.
  • Integrates perfectly into Linn Knekt system, touch-screen / PC controlled systems or can be used in any conventional music system with a stereo DAC
  • Music can be downloaded into the Kivor via the inbuilt CD drive, the digital audio inputs or the analogue audio inputs
  • While loading CDs, Kivor will automatically access the internet and download disc, track, artist & music type details for your personal database, allowing you to arrange & access your music collection with consumate ease
  • Allows concurrent access by up to 16 users
  • Fast music access time (< 1 second)
  • Capable of storage & playback of compressed & uncompressed music data
  • Up to 1380 hours of uncompressed music can be stored (compressed data will increase this capacity but reduces quality)
  • Store your analogue music collection in the Kivor, using its internal analogue-to-digital converter
  • New music can be stored in the Kivor at any time, even while it is being accessed by a number of users



Tunboks - Hard-disc based music archival and retrieval system
Linnk - Knekt Control Interface
Oktal - 8-way Stereo 24-bit A-D / D-A Converter Unitconverter
PCI Musik Machine - High Fidelity PCI to Digital audio conversion interface

Index Single Box - Includes Tunboks, Linnk, Oktal and PCI Musik Machine

Kivor Tunboks
Kivor Linnk
Kivor Oktal
Kivor Index
Kivor PCI Musik Machine

Knekt Intersekt
Knekt RCU
Knekt Line Driver
Knekt Line Receiver
Knekt Roomamp


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